Plug and Play

CarPort detects and configures your diagnostic interface completely automatically.

Diagnostics for VAG-Cars
manufacturer specific diagnostics for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Škoda

Trouble Code Descriptions

CarPort shows all diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) with a description. This information simplifies tracking down the cause of the problems.

Measuring Blocks

CarPort is capable of showing multiple measuring blocks. Measuring values can also be recorded in CSV-format.


The Autoscan collects the trouble codes from all installed electronic control units (ECU).

Grafische Anzeige

Multiple measuring values can be plotted or displayed as graphical instrument.

Adaptation Pro

By changing adaptation values various settings of the car (e.g. the horn when closing via the central locking) can be changed. Available adaptation channels can be chosen from a list.

Coding Pro

Basic Settings Pro

Actuator Test Pro

Security Access Pro

Installation List Pro

CarPort-Editions comparison

Access to all installed ECUs
Read ECU infos
Read manufacturer specific trouble codes
Clear OBD2 trouble codes
Read realtime data (OBD2)PIDs 0-3 only
Record realtime data (OBD2)
Generate diagnostic report (OBD2)
Clear manufacturer specific trouble codes
Read measurings blocksBlocks 0-3 onlyBlocks 0-3 only
Record measuring blocks
Generate complete diagnostic report
Create scan lists
Reset service reminder
Output test
Basic settings
Security access
Modify installation list