#401 How long is the CarPort license valid?
The CarPort license is valid indefinitely.
#402 How long can I get updates?
When buying a CarPort license updates are included for one year. All versions that were released in this update period can be used indefinitely.
#403 On how many computers can I use a CarPort license?
If the CarPort license was purchased separately (without Hardware), CarPort can be activated and used on two computers. If a license was purchased together with hardware, then the CarPort license is linked to this diagnostic hardware and can be activated and used on any computer only together with the coupled hardware.
#404 Can the update period be extended?
We offer extensions of the update period (1 year term) on this web site.
#405 I have lost my activation code. What can I do?

We can resend your license data to the email address that your license has been registered with. In general, this is your registered PayPal email address. Resending the license data to another email address is not possible.

Please note: If you have not purchased your license through our website, please contact the appropriate reseller directly. We have no way to assign your license to an email address in this case.

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Diagnostics for VAG-Cars

#501 What ECUs can be accessed via diagnostics for VAG-Cars?
All built-in diagnosable control units of the vehicle (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda) can be accessed.


#601 What is OBD2 diagnostic?
OBD2 Diagnosis is the diagnosis according to the OBD2 standard that allows the query of all emission-related fault codes.
#602 Which vehicles support the OBD2 diagnostics?
OBD2 support is required by law for
  • Petrol vehicles from 2001
  • Diesel vehicles from 2004
#604 What ECUs can be accessed via OBD2 Diagnostics?
OBD2 diagnostics allows access to emission related data from the engine control unit and in some cases additionally from the transmission control unit. Access to data from other ECUs is not possible via OBD2 diagnostics.
#605 Can I reset the service interval via OBD2 diagnostics?
No, the OBD2 standard contains no commands to reset the service interval.